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The Perry Mason TV Show Book: The Complete Story of America's Favorite Television Lawyer, by Two of His Greatest Fans (Brian Kelleher and Diana Merrill) was published more than 20 years ago. The book is out of print, though copies are for sale on Amazon and can occasionally be found on eBay.

Happily for die-hard Perry Mason fans, the authors created a companion website that brings the book to life. Are you looking for information about Perry Mason creator Erle Stanley Gardner? Are you interested in facts and anecdotes about the history of television's most popular lawyer series?

It's all there, along with entire chapters dedicated to the show's leading actors: Raymond Burr, Barbara Hale, William Hopper, William Talman, and Ray Collins.

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The Perry Mason TV Show Book

The Perry Mason TV Series Debuted September 21, 1957
William Talman, Ray Collins, Barbara Hale, Raymond Burr, William Hopper

Raymond Burr won two Emmy awards for best actor in a dramatic series and Barbara Hale received one for best supporting actress.

The Perry Mason TV Show Book
by Brian Kelleher and Diana Merrill

Perry Mason Creator Erle Stanley Gardner
Introducing America's Favorite Television Attorney

Perry Mason was on the air for nine seasons, beginning with The Case of the Restless Redhead on September 21, 1957 and concluding with The Case of the Final Fadeout on May 22, 1966. During the show's nine-season run, 271 episodes were produced.

Perry Mason went out with a bang—the series finale featured popular actors Dick Clark, James Stacy, Marlyn Mason, Denver Pyle, Estelle Winwood, and Jackie Coogan. The show also featured cameos by several long-time crew members. Erle Stanley Gardner even appeared as a judge!

Digitally remastered 52-minute versions of all 271 episodes are available on multi-disc DVD sets. These are a vast improvement over the crudely edited episodes that appeared in syndication for the past five decades. The final installment, season nine, volume two was released August 13, 2013.

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